Waiting patiently

Happy Thursday! It seems like weeks lately have just been flying by! This week I have been waiting patiently for this Pearl Chunky necklace I found on BaubleBar recently. I can’t wait to mix it with so many things – it will certainly jazz up any outfit. I feel like pearls in general go with anything – so I can’t wait to layer this into my wardrobe. I might have to purchase the skirt and top below too.

Bauble Bar Pearl Necklace/Black Big Button Skirt/Polka Dot Blouse


Horchow Place Setting

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it starts me thinking of one of my favorite pastimes – setting a table. For holidays (or lets be honest a random Saturday) my sisters and I love setting the table. We often fight over how it will be done to make the most beautiful gathering. Leading up to Thanksgiving I will highlight some fun unconventional ways to set your table this holiday season. I love print mixing and I fell in love with this Horchow set I found recently found.

1. Dinner Plates 2. Glass Set 3. Napkin Rings 4. Silverware