Wallpaper Wednesday – Anthropologie

 Today for Wallpaper Wednesday I am featuring Anthropologie. It always surprises me with it’s unique take on wallpaper. I think some of these are super fun and unexpected. My favorite is the Midsummer Night’s Dream which prints out all the words. I love decorating with words and phrases. Enjoy!

Paeonia Wallpaper

Blazing Poppies Wallpaper




Midsummer’s Night Wallpaper


Block Begonia Wallpaper


Blooming Filigree Wallpaper

Birthday Preparations and Celebrations!

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday and I had a wonderful time preparing for his day. First I wrapped all his presents very fall like in newspaper and fun fall ribbon. Next I made a steak for dinner and carrot cake for dessert (both his favorites).

The carrot cake and cream cheese frosting turned out great! For the cream cheese frosting I made one minor adjustment – I added about 1/2 cup more powdered sugar so it would be a bit thicker and spread nicely on the cake. Enjoy!

Zara Home

The other day I googled Zara to try and scope out some of their fall fashions when I noticed that Zara Home came up in the search screen! Zara Home! Although it isn’t in the US a girl can day dream of the day it will be here. They have a great catalog on the web page to browse – here are some of my favorites. The beds look too cozy to get out of, not sure I would ever make it to work with this kind of coziness!


Wallpaper Wednesday!

I don’t know about you – but j’adore WALLPAPER. Honestly it gets a bad wrap. If you are picturing walking into you grandma’s house – STOP (although my grandmothers wallpaper was legitimately fabulous)! It’s not like that anymore. Another thing to remember is that is also isn’t made the way it used to be made. It is MUCH more user friendly now and easier to take down. So give it a chance! Every couple of weeks I plan on posting different styles of some of my favorites. Because although wallpaper is overall fabulous it is certainly NOT fabulous to search for. Unless you have a fancy decorator (which I don’t).

Today I will focus on some of my favorite florals from Graham & Brown.

Shantung Black and Fuscia

Duchess by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Elinor : Black Wallpaper

Herald : Black & White Wallpaper

Field Poppies – ocean color way by Amy

Sparkle: Brown Wallpaper