Nov 29 2012

Dinning Room Inspiration


Some fun colorful dinning room inspiration to cheer up your day!


Nov 28 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Grand Staircase Lake Park


So two weeks ago I was still stressing out about where the cermony was going to be for the wedding. Then I heard that you could get a permit to do a ceremony on this beautiful staircase here in Lake Park. Chris and I both love this park and the staircase so I quickly applied for the permit. I haven’t heard back from the city yet – so fingers crossed and fingers crossed for no rain!


Nov 27 2012

Living Room Inspiration: Red Arrow Furbish Tables


I just love these red furbish accent tables, and I have been stalking chesterfield sofas for far too long now. I wish I had room for them in my space, but I do not. Here is a colorful room to highligh them if only I had an empty room!

furbish red arrow accent tables/blue chesterfield sofa/floral painting 1/floral painting 2/furbish spotted pillow/gray zig zag pillow/pink and orange lumbar pillow

Nov 26 2012

Christmas Wish List


Ya! the Holiday season is here! Chris and I put up our tree this weekend and all our decorations. Here are some of the things I will be hoping come from under the tree this year!   

antler candleholders/jcrew link bracelete/cwonder polka dot soup bowl/kate spade bow braclete/upholstery staple gun/waterford toasting flutes/zgallerie chandelier/zebra salt and pepper shakers/wisteria glass urn/kate spade dot champagne flutes/mirrored chest/

Nov 21 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Flowers!


So Saturday my Mom, my friend Mary and I practiced flowers for our wedding!

The flowers were delivered on Wednesday from Right when they came in we cleaned them, took off all the low leafs and got them in some clean water.

The first vase we worked with had a rather large mouth so in order to make the arrangement look full I decided we would try to use floral foam.  All you have to do is soak the foam and it helps keep the flowers in place and fully hydrated. I was a bit nervous to use the foam but it worked out really well.

Our first learning came right away – we discovered I didn’t cut the stems short enough. If you have longer stems that is fine it just take a lot more to make the vase look full.

Next we practiced a hand tie bouquet for all the girls. These just take a bit of practice. I watched lots of youtube videos for tutorial for exactly how to do this properly. The big hints are to use one flower as a “focal point” and continue circling that main rose to create a nice circle.

The lesson I learned from this one is to always keep an eye on the bouquet from the top, to make sure it is round, and from a side view. Mine ended up higher on one side than the other when I was done.

When it came time to wrap them all up first we used a rubber band. This helped to secure them. Then we wrapped floral wire around followed by floral tape. These three steps help to secure the flowers very well. One lesson we found during my sister’s wedding in this part was try not to tie them too close to the top – you can easily snap the head off a rose or too if you secure too close to the top.

I bought a couple different ribbons to see which we liked the best – this one wasn’t my favorite. Another lesson: I figured out after we wrapped this ribbon that the stems were too long. We then cut them down a bit more. This helps to keep the focus on the flowers not the stems.

Here are the final arrangements!



This gold one was a bit trickier to use with the floral foam. We wanted the flowers to be a bit more floppy/casual. So to keep the flowers in place on this vase we used a bit of chicken wire on the top. This helps as another way to keep stems in place and making sure nothing moves around.


What do you think?

I feel much better about the wedding flowers now. We learned lots on this dry run and now I think we are all set for the wedding!

Nov 19 2012

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts


Happy Thanksgiving week! Here are some fun hostess gifts as you all travel off to your holiday celebrations. Some of these cute little accent pieces are so fun, but something you might not always buy yourself! Perfect for a little pick up gift!

franchesca’s candle/owl salt and pepper shakers/ceramic measuring spoons/ceramic floral pins/mercury glass knife set/bubble bath/dome cheese platter/accent plates