White Kitchens with Navy Islands

I am getting pumped because my sister started drafting up plans for our kitchen. Now I have no clue when we will actually be able to fit it in the budget, but for now we are just drafting it up so I can actually get some quotes and start budgeting. But I am pumped none the less.

I was going to do all white, but I am just in love love with the idea of doing all white with a navy island…..

White Kitche Navy Island 1

Andrea's Kitchen

White Kitchen Navy Island 3


what do you guys think? love?

Brave or not Brave: DIY Herringbone

So my husband has made great progress on demoing our second bathroom. And I am trying to decide if we should do herringbone with subway tile in the shower/tub area. We are sticking to just white tile so I thought if we did the herringbone it would add a bit more spice. But I am a little nervous to try it. What do you guys think? Doable for our 3rd tile job?

kitchen herringbone


Fireplace Reveal

So we have almost been in the house for a year and I have shared a couple things in their finished state, which is always hard because you never feel like it is finished! But today I am happy to share our before and after of our mantle.

Little Yellow House: Firehouse Before

Here is our before picture of the living room and mantle. You can see the little mantle was so little that you couldn’t put anything on it. We had to change that immediately. So it took some time but we built out a mantle that was more suitable for decorating!

TNPLH: DIY Mantle 6

You can see all the steps on when we built this here.


So since the last post we have done a couple more updates and I am feeling really happy with how it is looking.

Little Yellow House: DIY Mantle Reveal 1

Little Yellow House: DIY Mantle Reveal 2

Little Yellow House: DIY Mantle Reveal 3

Little Yellow House: DIY Mantle Reveal 4

There is it – hope you like it. I am having a lot of fun trading out how I decorate it. I feel like every couple of weeks I switch up what is on there, which has been really fun. I haven’t fully landed on the mirror over, but it does look really pretty! The alternative would be some sort of abstract art, which would also be fun. But for now we will use this vintage mirror, it was my grandmother’s. What do you think?

Dinner Parties and Inspiration

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted. But that is life 🙂

Since we moved into our house we have been having many fun dinner parties. A couple weekends ago we had a fun one with some old friends and some new friends.

print mixing dinner party

I mixed my Aureus Villeroy & Boch wedding china with some old Anthropologie dishes.

Now I am trying to drum up inspiration for a Valentine’s Brunch I am hosting with some girlfriends. It will be a sit down for 12 so I am so excited. I am going to stay away from the traditional pink and red and go with Lavender. Since I have been loving lavender and the table will be set up in the living room and that way it will match.

I still need to find a fun fabric to make a table runner. And then I was thinking….splatter painting the table cloth, to make it a little more fun. I will be sure to share pics.