Gallery Walls

Do you have a gallery wall in your house? I always wanted one but I think they intimate me. Knowing just how to put them together can be a bit tricky. I love when people mix in photos and art.









I got one of these gallery frames for Christmas and I am loving it. I think I would like to get a couple more and try to make a small gallery wall of my own. I don’t hve much space for it. But I think a couple would make my condo extra homey.

west elm frames


west elm frames


Happy Monday

Happy Monday. This weekend Chris and I road tripped up to Minnesota for a part 2 of the destination wedding. So I was gone most of the weekend again which is always hard.

However now that I am at a stand still with my chair (I need to get my sewing machine to finish the trim) I am excited to share my next project. I found a pair of the below chair a while back. I will be re-doing them for a friend of mine. I am pretty excited. I started taking it all apart last night. I am hoping since I learned a lot on the last chair this one will go a bit faster.

new project

Upholstering Chair: Part 4

 Over break I FINALLY had time to work on my chair again. Click here for part 3. And it is continuing to go smoothly.

DSCN0648First I stapled the burlap to the back of the chair. I cut the burlap to a square bigger than the back of the chair. Pull really tight. Then you can cut the burlap to size after.


 Next I used cotton stuffing to give the back a bit of padding.


DSCN0645  Next do the same thing to with the fabric. Cut to a bigger size. Pull tight, staple, and cut. For the back I used a different fabric, leapoard for a bit of print mixing.


 Next I just had to do the same thing with the front.



 On the front I also used batting over the cotton fill. I found that the cotton fill looked a bit bumpy so the batting helped make it look a bit more smooth.




Next I have to do the pipping trim and fill in a couple paint chips from where I nicked the chair a bit.

Wedding Wednesday: Flower Girl Dresses

So I need to pick out my flower girl dress. I will have two little nieces at the wedding and one little niece in the wedding. For the really little girls I was thinking these dresses might be really fun. Do you think the tutu is too much? Or just enough? I think they are pretty fun.







Happy 2013!

Sorry for my hiatus. The Holidays got the better of me this year. Too busy, too many commitments. Anyway I am super excited for 2013. I have many things I am excited for. My wedding. My Blogging.

I really hope to focus on creativity and inspiration for this year. I hope to make many pretty things and can’t wait to share them with you!