Happy Friday

Ya – the weekend is almost here.

One more pic to brighten up your day – I love the navy painted trim in this room, and of course the tufting…

happy friday



More Macaroon Making

This weekend I tried macaroons again after my class last week I was pumped to try at home and see how they turned out.

First we mixed the almond flour and the powdered sugar in the food processor to get it really fine we doubled sifted it. Objective: get as much air into your fluffly flour mix as possible.

flower sifting

The double sifting takes a while but I think it is worth it!

firm peaks

Next beat your eggs until you get firm peaks. In the past I don’t think I have beat them long enough and your dough gets really soupy from the beginning. Try to remember you want them pretty firm. Also – add your gel food coloring in at this point. This helps prevent your eggs from falling if you wait to put it in later!

fold in almond flour

Carefully fold in your flour mixture. You don’t want to mix too much because it can let all the air you  have worked so hard to accumulate from getting out. I was worried about loosing my air in this step so I actually probably didn’t mix enough and my dough ended slightly thick – lesson for next try!


Use a piping bag to get the dough perfectly circle. In my class at Sur La Table they gave us these circle templates to put under your parchment paper – they worked really well to ensure each cookie was about the same size. After you pipe them on your cookie sheet – remove your circle template and drop your cookie sheet down on the counter. It helps get rid of the inevitable little “hershey kiss” tops of the cookies.

cookies done!

As you can see above – I didn’t get all the little “kisses” out of my dough because it was just a tad too thick. Next time we will get a bit better!

ta da!

colorful heaven - and delish macarrons

Lastly I made an Italian butter cream that was delish. And they turned out pretty! Couple things to improve on but getting closer every time I make them!

Wedding Wednesday: Cup Cake Tasting!

This weekend Chris and I did our cupcake tasting. It was delish! And I think it will be hard to finalize which options we choose. We went to the Milwaukee Cupcake Company. If you live in the area you should check it out! The staff was overly friendly and the cupcakes divine. We got the whole spread and couldn’t even eat 1/4 of the deliciousness!