Fun Floral Fabric!

Hello All: Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

This weekend was especially fun for me because I tried on wedding dresses! My family and friends came with and I tried on what seems like a thousand dresses. In the end I think I have picked which I am going to get, and as usual it is nothing of what I imagined. You will all have to wait to see it until June!

Anyway besides that fun I also found this heavenly fabric at a local fabric store. But it was $100 a yard! Now I loved the print but that cost was rather high so I figured I would search the web and sure enough I found it for $10 a yard! Can you believe there would be that big of a discrepancy! I am wondering if there is a huge quality difference? Anyway at that cheap price I ordered a yard to see if the fabric is good enough for some bed pillows. I sure hope so otherwise I might have to splurge at the local shop because I love the print so much. They are only decorative pillows so not sure if they need to be a really high quality.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Floral Print

Wedding Wednesday: Operation Cupcakes

I wanted to have a fun, creative, unique way to ask all my girls to be in my wedding. So I decided to order all of them  a surprise dozen cupcakes.

First I ordered my friend Mary’s from Miss Julia’s, a cupcake company here in Milwaukee.

They were able to put a cute little message on one of the cupakes – isn’t it cute!

My other two bridesmaids, my sisters, were a bit harder becuase of where they live. My sister Linday lives on little cranberry island off the coast of Maine. So after calling several bakeries in her area (that laughed at me when I asked them if they deliveried) I decided I needed an alternative. My friend Katie told me about Georgetown Cupcake. You are probably farmiliar with them – they have a reality TV show (damn me not watching much TV).  Anyway they deliver cupcakes anywhere in the country.

Isn’t that packaging cute!

Everyone was so surprised and excited for the unexpected treat. I highly recommend doing this! I was giddy the whole day with anticipation of all the girls getting their deliveries.

Did you do anything creative to ask your girls?