Loving Orange and Turq Decor

So last week I got my fabric for my chair in the mail. My friend Mary liked it so much she is thinking of using it for a chair I am going to try and re-do for her when I am done when mine. She has more blues in her place so we were thinking that we would think about mixing the orange and pink fabric with painting the wood turq. What do you think?


Happy Monday

So this weekend I was trying to work on my new chair that I am upholstering.

Last week Chris helped me do the weaving on the bottom. That was pretty easy.

The coils proved to be tricky.

First I sewed them to the woven bottom that I did last week.

Then I tried to start tying the coils down. I watched a number of different videos online and I am pretty sure I bought the wrong size. This is my first time so that is my first lesson. I will have to buy smaller coils and then try again! Hopefully next time I am more successful!

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a nice relaxing weekend at my parents house. We made a great dinner on Saturday night and my parents met Chris’s parents. We had a nice time.

Didn’t the table look great!

ps – I finally joined the real world and downloaded instagram…follow me! LiannaMKE





Wallpaper Wednesday: Black and White!

We all know I all wallpaper. I think I got this from my mother. She has been wallpapering since I was little. My favorite wallpaper my mom ever used was black and white stripes in our bathroom when I was growing up. I have always loved black and white. Even now much of my condo is decorated in black and white. Here are some great pics. The first one reminded me of that bathroom growing up!