Fancy Brunch

Sometimes on a Saturday morning I randomly decide to set a really pretty table (or in this case island counter). I think it is so fun to start the day with a beautiful tablescape over eggs. This is from a couple weeks ago, but the pictures were so fun I had to share. I used my grandma’s china. Underneath is just a peice of black and white fabric. It isn’t even sew together. I used them for an outdoor picnic a long time ago and I found that I liked them so much I randomly use them all the time. It would probably be good if I actually sewed them properly, but they seem to work just fine.

TNPLH: Print Mixing Floral Brunch

TNPLH: Print Mixing Floral Brunch

TNPLH: Peonies

TNPLH: Floral Print Mixing Table Setting

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