Weekend Review

This weekend all the bridesmaids got together for the dress fittings. Then I had all the girls over for a fun lunch.

My sister, the bride, and I set the table in the morning, getting ready for everyone. I love mixing all my fun plates together. Here I mixed my grandmothers traditional old floral china with some turquoise edged Anthropologie salad plates. I thought the it turned out great! Instead of using a napkin ring holder we tied it with ribbon – fun idea if you want to mix things up a bit for minimum spend!

We also added some height to the table by putting the daffodils on top of a gold cake platter. I like the way it turned out – and it was a fun excuse to use one of my many cake platters.

We made 2 flat breads – first was tomato pesto mozzarella.

Second was a portabella, mozzarella, blue. Also on the menu was a baked goat cheese for an app and a salad.

Of course Mimosas! When I have a lot of people out I get out my scrap ribbon box to tie around the glasses to not mix things up! It also looks adorable!

The bride!

Today the daffodils finally opened all the way! So fun!

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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