Happy Monday

Yesterday I had a pretty productive day. I cleaned a lot, did some homework for my MBA program, baked cookies, made caramels, and ordered some fabric!

I love Fleur De Sel Carmels by Barefoot Contessa (my favorite food network star). If you have never made caramels before one HUGE tip. Always remember to check the temperature of boiling water. Normal water boils at 212 degrees. Depending on weather and all sorts of things water can boil and other temps. For instance yesterday the water boiled at 206 so when I waited for the caramels to cook I subtracted 6 degrees from the temperature in the recipe. If you remember to do this your caramels will work perfectly every time!

Here are some fabrics I bought for some upcoming projects from fabricguru!

 Can’t wait for them to come in! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


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