Little Yellow House: Kitchen Wk 1

Hey Friends! So last weekend was the kickoff to our demo on the kitchen remodel. We got a lot done. We were exhausted by the end of the weekend. But so far we are on schedule. In case you missed what the full plan check out the last post here.

As a reminder this is what the kitchen looked like.

And here is the progress during Saturday.

We were up by 5AM finishing up the packing up of the space. Then at 7AM we started taking down the cabinets.

I wear bibs when we work on projects. They are comfortable. They have a lot of pockets. And you don’t get upset if something happens to them.

We had all the cabinets out before 10AM.

Then we started taking down the walls. Very carefully…

By the end of the first day we had all the cabinets down, and about 50% of the new walls were put up.

Day 2 of weekend 1 we focused on getting the rest of the bits of demon done, and finishing up the walls.

It’s hard to tell in all the pictures, but here we took down a closet (in progress in picture above) so we could expand it for enough room to have first floor laundry. And then in front of it we will have a butlers pantry.

Shown here we are adding a half bath and we will have a little back hallway when you walk in from the garage. Which will be amazing. So much more organized than it was before!

This weekend we will be doing the electrical and plumbing rough in. Follow along on insta stories to see what we are up to, and next week I will share the mood board for all the fun finishes in the space. I am still debating over tile samples!

Little Yellow House: Kitchen Plans

Hey All. Today, I am both excited and nervous. We are about to totally deconstruct our kitchen. We are almost at our 3 year mark on the house. We have done a lot, come a long way, but sometimes it feels like we still have a lot to do. A big project being the kitchen. And this weekend is go time.

We were lucky because although the kitchen isn’t glamorous it was nice that the appliances hung in there till the end (even with a leaky dishwasher it still worked!).

So, these before pics are pretty bad (I took them when we were half way through packing everything up)….but here we go.

See this below pic? The door right in the back there goes right out to the garage. Which is hard for organization. You will also notice that although it’s pretty big kitchen, there really is very little counter top space. It’s all these small fragmented spots. Difficult for cooking.

Here is a pic of the opposite end. Potentially there was a dinning nook here once?

Here is the current layout. The space on the right side of this is where the kitchen is today. See the room on the left? That seriously was, what I think was a cocktail room. Full built ins, not big enough for a dinning room space.

Here is a pic of the room mentioned above that was “on the left side” Again this room was right off the kitchen and a hard space to actually use.

Here you can see we have already demo’ed this space. Since we weren’t using it for anything it was easier to start on at our leisure before we were really in high gear.

The “weird cocktail room” opens up to where our kitchen table is, through the double doors….

My sister is an architect so she created the perfect use of this space.

And now the today. Here is the plan!

This new layout gains us a couple things.

1. It allows us to have a little mud room off the garage before entering the kitchen. Today the kitchen is always a mess because everything gets dumped right when we get home from work.

2. It opens up the kitchen to the dinning area and right into the rest of the living room.

3. It adds a half bath.

4. It also adds a…..butlers pantry! because we all know I have a dish problem!

5. And it adds laundry on floor vs. in the basement.

So pretty much my sister is the shit and utilized the space 100% better than it was being used before.

My sister was even able to do a cool 3D rendering.

Wish us luck and be sure to follow along on instagram for the progress!


In the next week or so I will show you some inspiration pics on what we are going for with all the finishings in this space!