Outdoor Inspiration

To say I have spring fever would be an understatement. This whole weekend was rainy and cold. Since we moved in we have focused a lot on the interior, but we haven’t done anything outside at all. And this summer I am hoping to change that!

daybed/lowrise iron planters/navy high gloss planters/trestle table/blue and silver chairs

I want to fill the backyard with a couple planters and make it feel a bit like a dinner party out there.

I got a similar chair last year form CB2. But they were green. So I think that would be really fun. Isn’t the color fun and spunky! I love all the green in our background and these chairs help create a fun pop! So far we haven’t used the outside because we don’t have a table. But I can’t wait for dinner parties outside this summer!

Giveaway! Dinner Party In a Box

Hey Friends. I hope you had a great weekend. It was rainy around here. I am hoping that all this rain is making spring come faster.

So we all know I love a good dinner party. So I decided to start a new Monthly Feature. Dinner Party In a Box. Once a month I will create a fun new table scape and giveaway a portion of the creation!

I thought mixing a bunch of blues together would be a great place to start! I have just been loving mixing all sort of blues together, and layering them to make great depth on a table.

Ginger Jars are a great alternative to flower for a centerpiece too. Pull them from your living room to spice up the table and then move them back. Am I the only on that moves her accessories around all the time?? I am constantly re-arrnging them. So why not use them on your table!

I am also loving this print. I originally made a crib skirt for a good friend of mine, and she had a bit left. So I used it to make this table runner! It adds such beautiful life to the table.

The giveaway includes the above, and below. 4 Glasses, 4 B by Brandie Plates, 1 Hand Made Table Runner

To win the giveaway, there are a couple things you can do to enter. One entry for each thing you do! Entries will be accepted through Monday April 3rd. Good Luck!

1. Leave a Comment on the post and tell me what you like about the post, and what you would like to see for next months inspiration!

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So excited to do my first giveaway. I just love dinner parties and thought this would be a fun way to inspire all of you to up your dinner party game!

Cocktail Hour: Cucumber Gin Martini

So I love cucumber cocktails. And there was this great one at a bar downtown that I just loved and they stopped making it. So for a while now I have been trying to figure out a great alternative.

So after much practice I think I nailed it. Be careful because these things go down too easy.

First pick up a seedless cucumber. You can buy a seeded one too, but it will be easier to get all the juice out with the seedless.

Use your food processor to get the cucumbers down to a puree.

Then take the puree and use a strainer to get the juice out.

Now that you have the juice you can make the drink!

Cucumber Cocktail

1 Shot Domaine Canton Ginger Liquor

1 Shot Hendrick’s Gin

1 Shot Cucumber Juice

Shake till cold

it’s good to strain it a second time to make sure you get all the pulp from the cucumber out.

splash the top just a bit with prossecco and enjoy!!


So I’ve been blessed lately in helping a couple friends decorate their beautiful new homes. Moving into a new big house can be overwhelming with all the space and figuring out what to do with it all. I know because I felt the same way when we moved into ours. I’ve had so much fun starting one room at a time to create a beautiful space for my friends. Check out inspiration for the first room.

Couple fun pieces in this space. First the console is just a placeholder. I found a great one at a consignment shop and I will be lacquering it Kelly Green for them. It will be so pretty!

Art: The print I just love love. My brother in law and I took the picture in a harbor in Maine right before we went sailing. It’s a gorgeous pic! I am so happy they wanted to use it in their home. I am also mixing in Vintage Danish Christmas Plates. Have you ever seen these? They are Royal Copenhagen and very special to me, my mom as always decorated with them, and I thought they would be just perfect in the house.

Chandelier: I plan on looking for a vintage chandelier and then painting it for them. Wish me luck that I find one!

I will keep sharing progress over the next couple months. I think the space is going to be prefect!

Design Crush: Amanda Reynal Interiors

I was at my moms house this weekend perusing the new Midwest Living Magazine and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this amazing living room my Amanda Reynal Interiors. Heaven in a Home…..

What can I say – this breakfast nook is perfection. I love how cozy it is and all the color that is pulled into the room.

Her bold use of color in the whole space is amazing, and it makes it truly unique.

Her bold use of art is just a dream. I love this updated graphic piece mixed in with her vey traditional decor.

Love the bright pink entry way. As I always say – better brave than boring!

This house is a dream, and I hope when my house is done it feels as amazingly cozy as this one. Great job!

Design Crush: Sarah Wit Interior

I recently stumbled across Sarah Wit Interior Design on Instagram and when I looked at their work, fell in love with their layers and mixing traditional with updated looks.

TNPLH: Design Cursh Sarah Wit Interior 1

This space is incredible. I love love a good small day bed in a living room to create that cozy look.

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 4.29.30 PM

so many layers of goodness here. Love the green.

TNPLH: Design Crush Sarah Wit Design 2

Their use of neutrals mixed with pops of color is great!

TNPLH: Design Crush Interior 3

Hope you all have a great week!