Wedding Wednesday: Succulents

Now that my wedding is all over it is time to start helping my good friend Mary. And Succulents are on her mind. I thought I would drum up a bit of inspiration for her. Can’t wait to help with flowers again!














New in Milwaukee: Sugar Jar

This weekend was a bit chilly for July in Milwuakee, but we tried to make the best of it. On Saturday I helped my friend Mary at the farmers market. She has recently started a small baking business. She is currently selling to The Wicked Hop, Ruby Tap, and she already signed a couple of weddings. I am so excited for her as she starts her new adventure. Check out her facebook page here. 

All here desserts are in little jars and they are delicious! Check it out!



Sugar Jar Milwaukee

Sugar Jar Milwaukee

Sugar Jar Milwuakee

Sugar Jar Milwaukee

Sugar Jar Milwaukee

Sugar Jar Milwaukee

Current House Project: Iron Horse Comic Painting

So I bought my condo when I was single and I figured this is the only time I can decorate exactly how I want. So it ended up pretty girly. Chris doesn’t mind most of it but he does have a problem with my ballerina paintings :). So I commissioned him to make me a vintage comic painting to replace them. I was inspired by the Iron Horse Hotel Bar here in town. If you are ever in Milwaukee you should for sure check it out. It is on of my favorite spots (we also had out rehearsal dinner there). It is decorated to die for. I did a round up of the hotel here.

Anyway in the bar there are these amazing comic paintings done by a local artist. I LOVE them. Chris happens to be a fine art undergrad (now he works in multi media/film). So I figured he could make me one!

Iron Horse Hotel

We finally picked up a canvas this weekend to start working on it! So we had to go back to the Iron Horse for a drink and appetizer to gauk at the more 🙂

Iron Horse Comic Paintings

Close up of Comic Paintings

Comic Paintings


Comic Paintings

What do you think? Less girly?

Upholstering Chair: Part 5

I am happy to announce the chair that I have been working on for a while is finally DONE! See my previous post here.

I found this chair on craigslist for $25 a while back and have been working on refinishing it. But between work, full time MBA and wedding planning (and not having a sewing machine to finish the last details) I haven’t had chance to finish before this weekend. As of the last step the only thing I had to do was the double cording for the trim.

So here we go! First I had to sew the double cording. I had never done this before. I have done single cording but for this project I wanted to use double. I used some good how do’s from bloggers I love. I found them very helpful see them here and here.

Sewing Double Cording

First I had to sew the cording. When I finally bought my sewing maching a couple months ago I bought a cording foot. It is heaven. If you want to make cording/piping for any project. I recommend getting one. I think mine was only about $20. It guides the sewing so nicely it practically sews itself.

Double Cording

It’s surprising how much cording you need to make for a full chair. I would say I probably used over 30 yards to do the whole thing.

Double Cording


Fabric Glue

The different Blog call for different glues. This is the one I used for the trim and it worked great! Be careful – it dries fast!

Adding the Trim

Next was just gluing it down. I did small sections at a time because the glue dries so fast. I put glue on the chair I found it worked better than putting it on the double cording itself.

The cording is so nice. I hides lots of mistakes.

Adding the Trim

Adding the Trim

I just put the ends and put some fray – check on it. I have seen different ways to handle the ends. In my upholstery class I took we overlapped fabric on the one send to make it more seamless. This way it easier and you can barley tell there is a seam. Just cutting is the way Little Green Notebook recommended so I took her word for it!

Final DIY Upholstery

Final DIY Arm Chair - Upholstery

Final DIY Upholstery

Final DIY Upholstery Arm Chair

Ta Da! Here is the final. I know it took a while but in reality I didn’t spend that much time doing it. It only took long because of my busy schedule and not having time to do it right in a row!

What do you think?

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a great weekend. I certainly did! I got a lot done. I have had so many projects waiting around the house and now that I am on summer break from school and done with the wedding I finally have some time to work on them!

Projects around the house

I picked up some Martha Stewart Gold paint for my desk I have been painting. Still needs a coat or two but excited to show it when I am done!

Wrapping and Ribbon


I LOVE wrapping presents! We had a friends 1st Birthday for their daughter this weekend so I got to bust out the pink ribbon!


We also had a fun breakfast together, just Chris and I. But why not bust out the china!!! Do you like print mixing?? I do!