Dinner Boat Ride

So last weekend I went on a dinner boat cruise. It was along the Milwaukee Riverfront, which is one of my favorite spots of the city. I had to share a couple of the buildings. They are all old factories transformed into restaurants and shops.

getting on the boat!

Aren’t the old buildings pretty!

Chris and I! We had a nice time!

So I have some exciting news……

Last weekend was a LOT of fun. To celebrate I had my first official pop up party, which was inspired from Oh Happy Day, one of my favorite Blogs. I am trying to gather some pictures from my friends so I will share more when I have them.

Then, after the dinner…..













I LOVE my ring – Chris got me a cushion cut pink sapphire. I wanted something unique and me. What could be more me than pink? So get pumped for the wedding planning posts! ps don’t you love my bauble bar necklace!

Birthday Invite!

So I am super excited for tonight. I am having all my friends over for dinner in the park. I am hoping it all works out, weather permitting. I will share pics. I hope all goes well!

DIY: Cork Board

So, I have this big empty wall next to my back door. I also HATE piles of stuff sitting around my house. So I decided I needed a cork board to pin up all the things in my life to help organize. To make it a bit more festive I decided to upholster it with a fun fabric.

First thing – cut down the fabric to size.

Before I jumped right into the fabric I decided to pad it with some badding to make it a bit more plush. Stapling it on!

Ready to go with the fabric.

Staple round 2!

Close up all hung on the wall.

Back up shot – I plan on trimming the boarder with some ribbon later. I just have to decide how I want to patturn it.

Viola! Perfect place to organize!